Hears, sees, and smells the Creation groaning. The Creation (us, water, air, whales, redwoods) groans for the revelation of the sons of man, Romans 8:22-24. This groaning began when sin entered the world (Genesis 3). The creatures and the physical creation, on which all life depends, are waiting for us, not to be their salvation, but to take up our proper role of preaching to them and extending grace to them.

Christians need reforming on the doctrines of Creation tending.  Secular society at large and the secular environmental community need reforming through our gospel witness, our being fruitful and multiplying, and through our thoughtful tending of Creation (Genesis 2:15). Most importantly, however, these reforms need to honor the Lord. It is only through seeking his will that we will successfully develop covenantal, life-giving, and God-glorifying solutions to our environmental problems. Semper reformanda!

This blog intends to kindle this effort by exploring and exegeting natural revelation, examining current events, proposing solutions, and highlighting heroes.

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