A Lingering Log In Our Eye

“We need a powerful, God-fearing, gospel-centric approach to understanding Creation, for interacting with and learning from the Lord through His general revelation”

From whence comes our sin? Inside, most of the time, if we are honest. If we consult God’s word, we will find this confirmed by James .

Scientism and its heroes alive and dead: Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, are external manifestations of the fundamental idolatry, worshipping self and the creation instead of the Creator. Christian teachers and preachers have responded to and have worked diligently to refute these icons of pop culture intellectualism. Perhaps too diligently. See The War for Scientism for more on this ongoing battle.

Back to my premise. What do I mean we have responded too diligently? Are they refuted? Have they quieted? They most certainly have not quieted and the likelihood of spokespersons with this much public persuasion power backing down is basically nil. So how then have we been too diligent?

They are easy pickings. These public figures draw our ire and our wrath, and rightfully so, for they see His works and so are therefore without excuse ( Romans 1:19-20). We have still sinned here, however. With our dander up we have remained focused on these icons of Scientism, so much so that we have been distracted from our task given in Genesis 2:15. They have doubled as a log in our own eye. They have become straw-men, themselves, distracting us from taking dominion and in reading God’s Natural Bible .

By default we’ve ceded the terrain of general revelation and its care. So how, should we then live, to use the phrase from Francis Schaeffer. How do we regain a full-orbed view and gospel-centered approach in this arena?

We need a powerful, God-fearing, gospel-centric approach to understanding Creation, for learning how to interact with the Lord and learn from Him through His general revelation. We need a creational approach to living and a creational approach to doing and understanding science. We need a way holistic way to fully participate in this world and still not be of this world.

We have repressed this effort because it is terrifying. It means coming to the gates and not backing down. It means acknowledging that our fear has driven us to understand Creation defensively for at least the last 100 years. It means a paradigm shift for how we think about and tend to God’s handiwork.

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