Monkey Island and Extreme Garden Tending

“Christians who do not believe in the complete evolutionary scale have reason to respect nature as the total evolutionist never can, because we believe that God made these things specifically in their own areas. ”― Francis A. Schaeffer, Pollution & the Death of Man

I was simultaneously awed and appalled as I read this article earlier this evening. A population of refugee chimps, formerly experimental test subjects now living on river islands in their home country of Liberia, are fed twice daily by an incredibly dedicated group of caretakers. I had read about horse sanctuaries for retired race horses and followed stories of rescued homeless pets from the Best Friends Animal Society years ago when my wife received their newsletter. Prior to a few hours ago, however I had never considered the fate of animals used in medical research.

Thankfully others have. This story’s hero is Joseph Thomas. He has fed these chimps for forty years, several since they were infants. Incredible dedication. 

This story makes me wonder what a reformed environmental view of the medical use of creatures should look like. How about the pet trade? The production of animals purely for use as specimens or for dissection? I don’t have answers at the moment. Let’s work on this. 

The NIH officially got out of the business of testing on chimpanzees in 2015. There are several retirement communities specifically for these primates including Chimp Haven in Keithville, LA. They also run a facility near Dallas. Here is the latest news on medical chimp retirement. 

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