The Book of Nature Has Three Leaves

The Lord has revealed Himself to us in two primary ways: special and general revelation. The bible is His special revelation. The Creation is His general revelation. He wants us to be steeped in both. This is the pathway forward for the Christian. The excerpt below paints a picture of how we many begin to open this second book while showing a helpful illustration of how the two correspond and work together to reveal God’s wisdom and truths. 

From Charles Spurgeon’s exposition on Psalm 19, Treasuries of David


EXPOSITIONVerse 1. “The heavens declare the glory of God.” The book of nature has three leaves, heaven, earth, and sea, of which heaven is the first and the most glorious, and by its aid we are able to see the beauties of the other two. Any book without its first page would be sadly imperfect, and especially the great Natural Bible, since its first pages, the sun, moon, and stars, supply light to the rest of the volume, and are thus the keys, without which the writing which follows would be dark and undiscerned. Man walking erect was evidently made to scan the skies, and he who begins to read creation by studying the stars begins the book at the right place.

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